Help! What Do I Write? 20 WordPress Blogging Ideas for Affiliates and Bloggers

It’s a question faced by everyone from new affiliate marketers to seasoned WordPress bloggers: What do I write!? If you’re facing the dreaded white page with no idea what to say to your readers, here are 20 WordPress blogging ideas to spark topics for your own posts.

If you’re already one of our WordPress plugin affiliates, we’ve also included links to products you can include in your posts.

WordPress for Beginners

WordPress novices are among the largest group of users searching for information and answers on WordPress. Posts on what may seem like a simple issue to you can actually generate the most traffic. Try to use your own experience to come up with a new suggestion or fix to a common problem.

  1. How to pick the right plugins for new WordPress website
  2. How to resize images for my WordPress website without Photoshop
  3. Why can’t I install plugins? vs.
  4. What to do if a plugin update has ‘broken’ your site
  5. How to customize a theme for your WordPress website
  6. How to add videos to my website without YouTube

Write From Experience

Writing from your own experiences often generates the quickest posts. You don’t have to do extensive research, and often sharing your own mistakes or triumphs can generate the most helpful and personal content that resonates with readers.

  1. Biggest fails from my first WordPress website and how you can do better (picking a hosting company, plugins etc.)
  2. The best resources for learning WordPress
  3. When to do it yourself or hire someone to work on your WordPress website

Customer Focused

Ecommerce site owners are always interested in posts that can improve their sales and satisfaction rates or save them time. Think of content ideas that can add value, save money or offer quick improvements.

  1. Free WordPress plugins that will help improve your customer service
  2. Why every site should have reviews and how to get them
  3. Why you need an appointment booking plugin and how to add one today
  4. How much email is too much? When and when not to contact your customers (Status Tracking)
  5. Most common ecommerce payment problems and how to fix them
  6. Free plugins to improve WooCommerce (Ultimate Product Catalog, Ultimate Reviews, Ultimate WooCommerce Filters)
  7. 10 tips to boost sales on your ecommerce website

How to

Tutorials are an endless resource for quality content. Use your own expertise or the WordPress products you represent to create fast and helpful posts with screenshots and step by step instructions.

  1. How to create an FAQ section on my product pages
  2. How to switch my site to an ecommerce site
  3. How to add an image slider to my product pages
  4. How to add an SSL certificate to a non-ecomm website and why you need one


Spark any ideas? Quick, write them all down in a list and save them for the next time you feel blocked. Still feeling overwhelmed? Make a list of your WordPress expertise or the products you represent and go from there. Reading the list of  features for a WordPress plugin or theme can often generate a long list of possible post ideas.

Happy blogging!

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