Powerful WooCommerce Filters and Scheduling Options!
WooCommerce Filters
Color Indicators on Product Thumbnails
The Different Types of Filters in the Sidebar
Adding Filters to Product in WooCommerce

WooCommere Filters Plugin that's Simple to Set Up & Easy to Customize

Customize Color, Size and Attribute Layouts
With our WooCommerce filters plugin, you can customize the layout of each filter independently. Select from a variety layout choices for your colors (including a swatch, tiles, checklist and more), sizes, WooCommerce attributes, categories and tags. With the ability to set a different layout for each filter, including each separate attribute, you have full control over the widget and the look of your shop page.
Display Attributes Below Thumbnails
Give your customers a quick and easy way to know exactly what colors, sizes, attributes, etc. apply to each individual product by displaying this information directly below each thumbnail on your shop page. This will show below the price for each product and can be customized to suit your needs.
WooCommerce Scheduling Options
Create a schedule for when ordering/purchasing should be enabled in WooCommerce. There are further options to hide the "read more" button and/or prices when ordering is disabled and to temporarily disable ordering regardless of the scheduling settings.
Styling Options Graphic

Benefits of Going Premium

  • Multiple Layouts/Styles for Selecting Colors
  • Multiple Layouts for Selecting Sizes
  • Multiple Layouts for Product Attributes
  • Multiple Layouts for Categories & Tags
  • Display Filter Values Below Thumbnails on Shop Page
  • Advanced Customization Options
  • Integrate with WooCommerce Variations
  • Display on Product Page
  • Labelling Options
  • Email Support

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