Our Ultimate WordPress Plugins Support Guide

Need help with a WordPress plugin? Here’s our guide for getting the help you need. Our general advice may apply to most plugins, but specific links and FAQs refer to the:

About Our Support: The FAQs

  • Our full-time support team is online Monday to Friday.
  • We are located in Canada, and work in the Eastern time zone (GMT-4).
  • Questions are usually answered within 24 hours. Monday’s support staff are handling questions from Saturday and Sunday as well, so you may experience longer wait times.
  • Take into account your time zone when contacting support.
  • Our forums are checked multiple times per business day.
  • If a statutory holiday will affect support times, it will be posted on our social media channels.
  • We do not answer any technical or customization questions on our social media channels.

Free Versions: How to Get Support

We have over 2 million downloads of our WordPress plugins and are proud to offer solid, feature rich free versions of our products to the WordPress community.

Users of our free versions have access to support via the forums which can be accessed from the plugin pages in the WordPress directory as illustrated in the video. Simply click on the plugin name at the start of this post and navigate to the forum.

Using the Forum: First Steps

  • Consider updating to the latest version of the plugin you are using as well as the latest version of WordPress first to see if that resolves your issue.
  • Search the forum to see if your question has already been answered.
  • If not, you may create a new topic by scrolling to the bottom of the page and filling out the, “Create a new topic” form. You must be logged in to see this form.
  • Select the “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” if you’d like to know when we’ve replied.

Basic Forum Etiquette:

Be descriptive and specific in your titles.

A title such as “Help Me!” or “Newbie Question” are not helpful to the support team and may delay a response. A title such as, “Two catalogs with different options” or “How to change styling for search shortcode?”are clear and concise. A better title will also help serve the WordPress community by allowing users with the same issue to find your topic.

Provide details

Try to provide as much detail as possible including a direct link to your site/page. Try to describe what occurred when you encountered your issue. Did you recently install something new? What customizations did you perform before the issue occurred?

Details you may want to include in point form if applicable:

  •        Plugin version
  •        Version of WordPress
  •        Version of WooCommerce
  •        Theme name

Personal information

These are public forums. Do not post personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers or passwords.

Premium Versions: How to get support

If you are using the premium versions of our plugins, you have six months of complimentary email support included with your licence fee. If you selected it at checkout, there is an option for on-going support for a nominal biannual fee.

For email support, please reply to the email that contained your key.

This will help us quickly identify you as a premium user. Consider checking the forum first, as your question may have already been answered. See our guide to using the forum listed in the “Free Version” part of this post.

What details to provide for email support if you have a problem or customization question

The more detailed and specific you can be the better support we can provide. For a problem, list the steps you took so we can recreate the situation that caused your issue. Include screenshots, screen capture video and links to your site where applicable.

Other Resources

Documentation and videos may help resolve your issues. Documentation is available with every plugin. It can be accessed via a link on our website, on the plugin page in the WordPress directory and via your WordPress dashboard.

YouTube videos can be accessed on our channel.

Do you have a feature you’d like explained in a video? We’d love your input. Create a new topic in the forum and select, “This topic is not a support question” and share your video idea.

Are you here looking for your activation code?

* Codes are sent automatically after payment for all of the single site licenses. The delay may be anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.
* Please check the email associated with your PayPal account or method of payment.
* Please check your spam folders. Sometimes various mailing systems will sort the email as spam

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