Upon registration, an e-mail may be sent to the user. You may write your own e-mail template under the Emails tab at “Registration Message Body”. It takes in three shortcodes, [username], [password] and [join-date]. An example of a registration body would be : Hi [username]!  You have successfully registered for our website on [join-date]. Here is your information to log in. Username : [username] Password : [password] Thank you for choosing our website and do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.   If you have set the Admin Approval of User to “Yes” and the Email on Admin Approval to “Yes” under Options > Premium, you will be able to change the e-mail template. This email will be sent to the registered users once they are approved. You may also write a template message for yourself to be sent whenever a user registers. Simply fill in the “New Registration Email to Admin”