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Common Maintenance

The oil filter cleans dirt and particles from the oil that may cause damage. An easy way to remember to change your oil filter is to replace it at every oil change or every other oil change. Oil filters are inexpensive and range from $5 to $20 depending on the vehicle. You can ask a licensed mechanic to change both your oil and filter at the same time. If you want to change your oil and oil filter yourself, be sure to purchase the correct filter for your engine and follow the filter manufacturer’s instructions.
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    As the filter gets dirty the fuel pump has to work harder (draws more current), and will burn out faster. Also, most fuel systems are “return” types: excess fuel pumped from the tank to the fuel pressure regulator gets returned to the gas tank. Any crud that isn’t filtered out can keep getting recirculated blocking injectors/screens and wearing out the fuel pump. Putting in a new filter every 2 years/30,000 miles is cheap insurance and good preventive maintenance.
    There are a number of things that should be done if you plan on keeping a car past 100,000 miles, but most car makers know that most people won’t, so they don’t mention them.

    Codes filter, fuel

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