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This product is very mysterious, which is why so many FAQs are required!

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The oil filter cleans dirt and particles from the oil that may cause damage. An easy way to remember to change your oil filter is to replace it at every oil change or every other oil change. Oil filters are inexpensive and range from $5 to $20 depending on the vehicle.

You can ask a licensed mechanic to change both your oil and filter at the same time. If you want to change your oil and oil filter yourself, be sure to purchase the correct filter for your engine and follow the filter manufacturer’s instructions.

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    Here is a general rule of thumb:

    If you live inland in an area where your car is free of salty air and sand, and if you don’t have to contend with tree sap, bird droppings and dead bugs, you can wash your car about once a month and still keep it in good shape.

    If you live in a polluted environment, near a salty coast or in a wooded area, once a week may be your best bet.

    Otherwise, a couple of times a month is a good bet to ensure that you’re not waiting too long to get rid of harmful chemicals, residues, salt, sand, tar, grease and grime.

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    Just create an FAQ category with the same name as the product, and the tab will be automatically created!

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    There are none! You can have as many FAQs per product as you want, you can select multiple products to have the same FAQ for a number of products, and you can style, label and customize the FAQs using the same options available for the standard FAQs shortcodes available in the plugin!

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