4 Great WordPress Plugins that Have Affiliate Programs You Can Join Today (And so useful, you’ll want to use them too)

The world of WordPress is a great place to try your hand at affiliate marketing. Most people who use WordPress, especially those creating or updating websites, are constantly searching for tools to enhance or improve their site.  With over 55 thousand plugins in the WordPress directory, it’s no wonder users are looking for plugin recommendations to help them find reliable solutions quickly.

Offering recommendations and getting referral fees

Many smart affiliate marketers and WP experts are capitalizing on this constant need to help sift through the directory offerings. Picking great products and offering honest, helpful assessments will give you the credibility you need to drive leads to your affiliate links.  If you need more tips on starting out as an affiliate read this post.

These four plugins by Etoile Web Design are all part of an affiliate program which will pay you regular commissions on links that result in a sale. They also have important characteristics that signal a solid product that you can get behind (and use yourself):

  •        High user ratings
  •        Top support reviews
  •        Thousands of active installs
  •        A full-time development and support team
  •        Regular updates

Preview them for yourself, and if you’d like more information on the WordPress affiliate program visit the affiliate page.

FAQ Plugin

30,000+ Installations

Answer questions or organize content  

One of the top FAQ plugins in the WP directory, this plugin is a must for any website and therefore an easy one to recommend. It’s lets you create, organize and publicize frequently asked questions through your WordPress admin panel.

FAQ’s can be used on their own page, on product pages (WooCommerce integration), in an “about us” page or anywhere you’d like FAQ’s included. It also works for any content that needs to be hidden until it is clicked, like job postings, recipes, etc.

It’s simple enough for beginners, but has features that more experienced users will appreciate.  

Key Features:

  • Create an unlimited number of FAQs, with unlimited tag and category support
  • Many styling options to display your lists
  • Insert custom CSS
  • Export all FAQs to a PDF to create a user manual  
  • See stats on how many times FAQs have been viewed
  • Lots of display and ordering options
  • An AJAX FAQ search form

Ultimate WooCommerce Filters Plugin

3,000+ Installations

Help customers find what they want faster

WooCommerce is a great tool, but this plugin makes it that much better. It helps create a powerful, effective and practical browsing experience for customers to help them find what they want faster.  They can filter products by color, size attribute, category or tag. It’s easy to set-up and implement with a filter widget and filter short-code.

Just enable which attributes you’d like to add to the filtering widget and they’ll automatically display as filters on your WooCommerce shop page. No extra setup required. This is an incredibly useful feature that brings the WooCommerce shopping experience to a whole new level.

Key Features:

  • Filter WooCommerce products by color, with the actual colors displayed in the widget on your shop page
  • Sort products by any attribute that you have set up in WooCommerce
  • Filter products by WooCommerce categories and tags
  • Include a smart product search in the WooCommerce filtering widget

Product Catalog Plugin

10,000+ Installations

Easily display and manage your products or collections

This popular responsive product catalog plugin is designed to display your products in a sleek and easy to customize format. It can be used on its own or with WooCommerce. The free version give users an amazing 99 free products, but the features, styling options and functionality usually convince users that the one-time upgrade fee is worth the investment.  

Key Features:

  • 3 default, fully customizable product catalog layouts
  • Set sale prices for products, and easily toggle sale prices on and off for the entire catalog or individual products
  • Product catalog categories, sub-categories and text search to organize your catalog, making product filtering easy
  • Widgets to display recent products, product list, random products from your product directory
  • Upload and import products directly from a spreadsheet for your product catalog

Reviews Plugin

3,000+ Installations

Set your own scoring criteria and easily display reviews via short-code or widget

In today’s e-commerce world, reviews are a key component of success. This plugin allows users to take control of their site reviews and add their own fields and rating formula.

Key Features:

  • Display product reviews for one or all products
  • Allow in-depth reviews and create additional review fields, such as appearance, quality, shipping speed, packaging etc.
  • Add in custom fields to the review that don’t affect the score/rating, such as text, checkbox, radio button and drop-down fields
  • Multiple rating systems, including points and percentage
  • Set the maximum score for your product review and use either a text input, drop-down selection or number of stars for score input
  • Filter reviews by score, product name and/or review author
  • Flexible styling using the custom CSS option
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