Using YouTube to Boost Your WP Affiliate Sales

YouTube has made the creation and use of video for business and promotion simple, accessible and a necessity. A Nielsen study commissioned by Google found a staggering 8 out of 10 people between the ages of 18-49 watch YouTube videos every month. Due to it’s reach and flexibility, anyone can use YouTube effectively to boost affiliate sales.

Why is YouTube an ideal medium for WordPress content?

WordPress and its add-on products are constantly evolving. This has generated an urgent need for quick and accessible information on how create and problem solve within the WP world. YouTube therefore, serves as an ideal medium for WP experts and affiliates to generate that information in a way that feels personal and facilities trust and credibility. These factors are key to encouraging users to try-out your recommended products.

What kind of videos should I produce for my affiliate links?

What you produce can be based on your personal experience, WP expert knowledge or simply a round-up of top products. “How to”,  “Reviews for” and “Best __ Plugin” are among the top searches for WordPress users. Start by determining how your affiliate products can meet one of these needs or solves a problem for a WordPress user. Then use keyword research to find out what terms are being searched. This bit of legwork will help you craft titles and content that will be easily discovered. Don’t shy away from addressing seemingly simple issues. There are many WordPress beginners that need basic instruction and are looking to YouTube to find it.


Fast and easy to produce, tutorials are an ideal way to promote your links. Consider showing users how to resolve common problems using your affiliate plugins or how to install and modify your affiliate themes. Highlight only one or two features in each video and insert your affiliate link in the video description. Be sure to respond to comments or questions to your posts to build your credibility and remember to cross promote your videos on your social channels.


Product reviews are also a great use of video content. They provide a “knowledge shortcut” for people who don’t have the time, skill or interest to test out many products. Reviews can be approached in several ways. You can review one product and its features or discuss and demonstrate a few products in the same category (profiling your affiliate product and it’s competitors). Remember to list the products you discuss with your affiliate links under the video.

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Make it Easy and Build a Following

Producing shorter videos and posting regularly can help you generate a following of WordPress users trying to improve their WP knowledge and skills. Remember to ask viewers to subscribe to your channel at the end of each video and be sure to include a variety of content to accompany your affiliate recommendations. Producing helpful and sincere content will foster the type of credibility required for users to trust your recommendations.

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