Tabbed product page layout

There are three main layouts for your product page (default, tabbed and custom). The tabbed layout is the latest one added to our plugin. It is the one displayed on our live demo! To set it up and customize it, please follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Options > Premium
  2. Set Product Page Type to Tabbed Product Page
  3. If you want a product inquiry form
    1. Install the plugin Contact Form 7
    2. Go to Options > Premium
    3. Set Product Inquiry Form to “Yes”
  4. If you want to allow product reviews
    1. Install the plugin Ultimate Reviews
    2. Go to options > Premium
    3. Set Product Reviews to “Yes”
  5. Go to Options > Labelling to change the tab labels to fit your liking
  6. To add new custom tabs, go to Product Page
  7. Selected Layout > Add Tabs