Custom product page layout

There are three main layouts for your product page (default, tabbed and custom). The custom page layout allows you to create your own layout by adding field boxes onto an area. This can be made under the Product Page tab. Here are the steps to follow to set up your custom page:
  1. Go to Options > Premium
  2. custompp_1
  3. Set Product Page Type to Custom Product Page
  4. custompp_2
  5. Go to Styling > Custom
  6. Set the grid size of the product page
  7. custompp_3
  8. Save changes
  9. Go to Product Page tab
  10. custompp_4
  11. Add fields by clicking them on the list
  12. custompp_5
  13. Click and drag to place and to resize the field boxes in the area below
  14. custompp_6
  15. Save Layout
  16. custompp_7